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836 images and counting on instagram with #WMS. That’s a lot to pick from. Here are 11 favorites with one of my own snuck in.

The crowd at Girl Talk from above. Via @ladyspeech

Hands up. Via @MntnRocket

Battles. Via @milehighfyre

Confetti Explosion. Via @jencoop

Sweaty Battles. Via @oddigator

Girl Talk Close Up. Via @castro

Roof Party. Via @chelseypas

More Battles. Via @chrisreinhard

Riding Low. Via @berkvisual

Sauna. Via @pamsteele

Flashlights. Via @markjohnson303


A recent Wired article got me thinking. It was about a book called The Information Diet which is (apparently) Atkins for media obsessed individuals like myself. The book makes lofty promises like better relationships and productivity by following a few simple steps. I’m not sure that I really believe all of the hype, but one of the pieces of advice resonated with me:

Grow Your Own Content:

Allot time for a blog or online journal. A healthy consumer contributes to the dialog, opening you up to feedback that helps you synthesize a new worldview.

So, this blog is that. Simply a collection of the things I am thinking about, reading about, doing, and experiencing. Maybe controversial, hopefully thought provoking and interesting. Bring on the feedback and let the worldview synthesis begin.