11 Images from Westword Music Showcase

836 images and counting on instagram with #WMS. That’s a lot to pick from. Here are 11 favorites with one of my own snuck in.

The crowd at Girl Talk from above. Via @ladyspeech

Hands up. Via @MntnRocket

Battles. Via @milehighfyre

Confetti Explosion. Via @jencoop

Sweaty Battles. Via @oddigator

Girl Talk Close Up. Via @castro

Roof Party. Via @chelseypas

More Battles. Via @chrisreinhard

Riding Low. Via @berkvisual

Sauna. Via @pamsteele

Flashlights. Via @markjohnson303

1 comment
  1. I like the title “Sweaty Battles.” Succinct and accurate, but leaves the impression that it’s hinting at much more.

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