And I Have a Front Row Seat

Sea of cars

Beyond the turbulent ocean of steel, and glass, and circular currents ( befuddlingly and errantly referred to by locals as a “meadow”), nestled between the striped tributaries of asphalt, a blue and yellow beacon of hope arises for all those who are troubled by their lack of and/or inability to efficiently store belongings. The people, they make the pilgrimage from far and wide to visit this bastion of life improvement. In their best Ugg boots and sweat pants, and with kids in tow (often literally dragged behind on a nylon strap), they come in droves. Though the rate at which they arrive is heavily influenced by the time of day and whether or not men in tights are being paid to throw and catch a ball on that particular day, the flow continues from the time the sun comes up until well after it sets.

They come to be romanced by a veritable museum of products for sale, displayed in settings that are obsessed over, analyzed, and precisely calculated to strike the best chord with “the many people”. They come to see, and touch, and try on for size a life that is not lacking in any belongings, or novel methods of arranging those belongings. They come to dine on frozen, and fried, and from powder food, and to marvel over its low price. And when they lacking space in their stomachs, some line up for the elevator, while others are brave enough to awkwardly trot down a concrete staircase to the rows of goods that they saw in the museum-like upstairs.

(To Be Continued.)


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