Monthly Archives: January 2013


To Denver: I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. I am so in love with you. Somehow you manage to strike a perfect balance between having just enough going on that I can’t quite do it all, and leaving me enough just enough time to work on my own things. I am accomplishing so much more, personally and professionally, than I ever have before, and I owe so much of it to you. A city with so many relatable, genuinely good, electrically charged, interesting, and motivated people is a rare thing. I’m glad you are the way you are.

On starting a company: I’ve always dreamed of starting a company. I’ve had a million ideas, some half-baked, some that I actually started taking serious action towards making a reality. I’ve helped a few people, to various extents, to push their ideas into fruition. But I’ve finally found myself in the middle of building a company from nothing. A company that I believe has a really good chance at success. In just a couple of months, a core group of three people has come together around this idea, and we’ve made meaningful strides towards launching a company that supports not only ourselves, but that has will to grow and employ other people as well.

It’s not been without difficulty. We started with a group of six partners, and because of issues with commitment, we’ve reigned it in to three partners. It is the closest I’ve ever been to firing anyone, and it sucked. Last night I was there for a very difficult talk in letting one of our partners go. It was painful, seeing the disappointment in his eyes, and hearing it in his voice. Unfortunately, it had to happen. In the early days of a newborn business, there simply is no room for dead weight. When three people are doing the work that should be spread among six, something has to change. This change shook a person’s confidence and crushed hopes and dreams. That will stick with me.