1. Recycle, donate, or gift something that I already own.

2. Start my days by writing 5-10 things that I am thankful for.

3. Read a real life, printed on paper, bound book, for pleasure. Even if it is only a few pages.

4. Stop complaining.

5. Set my alarm every day and get up by it, then get out of bed without looking at the computer.

6. Spend at least 30 minutes every day creating a source of passive income.

7. Carry a notebook in my back pocket. Use it.

8. Limit checking facebook to twice per day.

9. Do the most important thing on my to-do list before doing anything else.

10. Swim at least once per week, if not more.

11. Stop drinking soda.

12. Make breakfast at home instead of buying it.

13. Spend 15 minutes every day meditating.

The goal is to end up (at least) a marginally better person than I am now, in however small a way. We’ll see.


836 images and counting on instagram with #WMS. That’s a lot to pick from. Here are 11 favorites with one of my own snuck in.

The crowd at Girl Talk from above. Via @ladyspeech

Hands up. Via @MntnRocket

Battles. Via @milehighfyre

Confetti Explosion. Via @jencoop

Sweaty Battles. Via @oddigator

Girl Talk Close Up. Via @castro

Roof Party. Via @chelseypas

More Battles. Via @chrisreinhard

Riding Low. Via @berkvisual

Sauna. Via @pamsteele

Flashlights. Via @markjohnson303

A recent Wired article got me thinking. It was about a book called The Information Diet which is (apparently) Atkins for media obsessed individuals like myself. The book makes lofty promises like better relationships and productivity by following a few simple steps. I’m not sure that I really believe all of the hype, but one of the pieces of advice resonated with me:

Grow Your Own Content:

Allot time for a blog or online journal. A healthy consumer contributes to the dialog, opening you up to feedback that helps you synthesize a new worldview.

So, this blog is that. Simply a collection of the things I am thinking about, reading about, doing, and experiencing. Maybe controversial, hopefully thought provoking and interesting. Bring on the feedback and let the worldview synthesis begin.